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ABout Us

GEP Ecotech is an equipment manufacturer and solution provider working in the field of solid waste treatment and recycling. We work with our clients to help them improve resource disposal efficiency and profitability while avoiding system risks.

The mission of GEP is to help customers turn waste into treasure, protect the environment, and promote sustainable development. Every employee of GEP is proud of our business.

Why we shred

The world is overflowing with waste. This must change. GEP Ecotech shredders, briquette presses and drain presses are at the beginning of various material circles and thus contribute to a cleaner planet earth.

GEP Ecotech Worldwide

We’re based in China, but we’re present worldwide. We have extensive business operations in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. If you need, we will provide you with typical local customer cases.

Contact GEP Ecotech

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