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GF Four Shaft Shredder

Four Shaft shear type shredders have a perforated screen attached, which determines the product size exiting the shredder. The second two sets of cutters on the side shafts return any product unable to fit through the perforations in the screen back to the cutting chamber for reshredding. Product exiting a four shaft shredder is determined by the cutter width and the holes (perforations) in the screen. Four shaft shredders are fed vertically.

The GF series four-shaft shredder has four sets of shearing knife rollers. The four sets of shearing knife rollers use different cutter structures to cooperate with each other. After the material enters the inside of the shredding box, it is torn and sheared by the blades on the four sets of knife rollers. Material that is shredded into small pieces. The discharging size of the four-shaft crusher is controlled by the screen. After the material is cut once, the particle size is smaller than the screen hole. The material is discharged from the screen hole in the lower part of the box under the action of gravity and squeezing force, and the size is larger than the mesh hole. Large materials, guided by the main cutter and the secondary cutter, return to the crushing box along the inner surface of the screen for secondary cutting, and so on, until the material can be discharged from the screen holes.