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Scrap Tire Shredder

Scrap tires can be divided into car tires & truck tires, bias tires & radial tires, pneumatic tires & solid tires according to different classification methods. After being shredded, tires can be recycled through pyrolysis, oil refining, grinding and other regeneration processes. After disposal, renewable resources such as fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, and rubber powder are generated, achieving a win-win situation for economic and environmental benefits.

GDT tire shredder is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving tire shredding equipment with the design concept of energy saving, consumption reduction, and emission reduction. It is also a necessary equipment for the pre-shredding of waste tires. The cutter is forged with European imported materials, which is durable and has a good crushing effect on the steel wire in the tire. The overall structure is compact, low speed, high torque, low vibration, low noise, and meets environmental protection requirements.