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Bulky Waste Double Shaft Shreddeer

Bulky waste refers to solid waste that weighs more than 5 kilograms, or whose volume is more than 0.2 cubic meters, or whose length is more than 1 meter. Such items are large in size and integrated, It need to be dismantled before reuse or further processing. Bulky waste includes waste furniture, garden waste, such as mattresses, sofas, tables and chairs, cabinets, tree branches, etc.

GDL series Bulky Waste Double Shaft Shreddeer is a high-efficiency and big capacity reduction equipment specially developed for the bulky waste treatment industry. It designed with low speed and high torque, and have passed the CE certification. They have the characteristics of large shear force, good shredding effect, low noise and high stability. This equipment is mainly used for shredding and disposing of waste mattresses, sofas, tables and chairs, garden branches, waste wood and other large garbage. The shred material has a uniform particle size, which is convenient for terminal disposal such as transportation, transportation, resource regeneration, incineration and power generation. It is the core equipment to solve the problem of low-value solid waste disposal.